Grandcorp Group is a Taiwanese-funded corporation and was first established in Taiwan in 1986. We possess advanced die-cutting equipment and scientific drawing technical to serve our customers. We are also qualified to produce solid plates, liquid plates and rubber plates. Grandcorp Precision Mould (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was set up in Jiangsu Province in 1999.

We are using advanced machines such as laser die cutter machine, laser-incised machine, auto-bended machine, Dupont auto-soft printing machine, and Japanese auto film processor machine in the following production:
--Die making machines and materials
--Die cutting for corrugated carton box, cardboard box, skin packaging, plastic, rubber exact die cutting, rotary die cutting
--Die cutting for PVC, PP, EVA, acrylic, spell picture, doll, and rotary die cutting, corroded die cutting (corroded die cutting Tec by
--Pressing diversiform photoelectric materials, electronic gasket die cutting--Flexo printing, liquid plates, rubber printing, and processor films
--Laser incised, marked, incised steel and iron plates Printing accessories (anvil covers, sun feed wheels)

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